Tuesday, March 8, 2011

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8Marzo Daily Pick
unusual LadyD Dior to wish my friends!

Here is the Lady Dior!

What better omen? And they came to pay homage to a new brand of your beauty? Or of your culinary skills or amateurs or intellectual? I for my part I can only count on those delights:)

Whatever the reason, I think its a welcome gift no??

... then come to us.

When a woman like Lady Diana, that life has stood for style and elegance, it is normal for a fashion house Dior as to devote a bag. But what often happens is that we ferratissimi on any particular model but without the character depth that is hidden behind the name.

Today I want to follow the contest brought by Leam inviting me to write about women behind the bag and not on the glittering object. .... for once, nothing brilluccichio catwalk but a solid reflection on Lady Diana.

Among children, family, charity receptions and dwell on what I want?

Because these days, North Africa, Geddafi shoots his people, and is in a real civil war, I want to remember Lady Diana for her efforts against the victims of war and in specific heat for his assist, assist and restrict anti-personnel mine victims.


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